Online Stores

Hey guys, let’s talk about online stores for a moment. I feel that depending on the type of things you’re shopping for, it can either be a hit or miss. It can also depend on where you’re buying your item from and you never know if it’s a trustworthy website or not. Personally, whenever I shop online it’s mainly for clothes and beauty products.

Some good places to buy clothes from are Missguided, Boohoo and places that have stores in shopping centres such as the Cotton On branches, Sportsgirl and Forever New. If you guys would like me to do a more in-depth post about one of these stores leave a comment below and I’ll for sure tell you guys more about it. I definitely do not like online shopping for shoes or any type of technology items because the shoes may not be the right size and you can’t take them for alterations and you can have so many difficulties with technology.

I love online shopping but I also know the risks of doing so. You can either be delivered the wrong item, a damaged item, something not living up to their expectations or they can even scam you and take your money with nothing in return. If you like online shopping I recommend to just browse at what they have online and get inspiration and then go to the shops so you know exactly what you want without the risks of online shopping. Hopefully, this helped you with if you’re considering buying something online and definitely check with friends/family about their experiences with online shopping.

Styled Girl xx


iPhone 6s

Currently I have an iPhone 6s in Rose Gold. I put a rose gold glitter decal on it and a clear case so that it looks interesting but it isn’t too much. Before this I had a white iPhone 5 and my new phone is way better. First of all the camera quality is amazing and they have improved the front-facing camera quality as well. A new feature that they added is 3D touch. This is when you press down hard on an app it gives you options to go to straight from the home screen. For example if I 3D touch Instagram it gives me the option for New Post, View Activity, Search and Direct. Another new feature is Live photo, which is a setting in your camera. If you turn this on and take a picture it shows you before and after the photo using 3D touch. 

If you need to get a new phone or your contract is over I recommend getting this phone. It is great if you need it just for casual things and not for business reasons. I also like the rose gold colour or if you don’t want something too girly I recommend the space grey colour. It is an amazing phone with cool features and you would definitely be spending a lot of time on it.


Styled Girl xx

One Direction Taking A Break

So One Direction decided to go in different directions and break up. It is said that the boys want to go solo, but they are only on a hiatus. They will remain together and plan to work together in the future, but for now they are going their separate ways. I think that the media is going too far with this news saying it was because of Zayn leaving or Louis’ upcoming baby and they are making fake stories to get an audience. They are just taking a break and people need to stop worrying about their future because it is their lives, so let them live it. 

Girls are so distort by this news that they are taking days off school because they are crying and are so upset about this. Honestly it isn’t that big of a deal. Like personally I really like One Direction and it is unfortunate but this is what they want to do, so just leave it. You wouldn’t want millions of people telling you that you are making a mistake and telling you how to live your life. So, everyone just relax and move on with your daily lives. I hope that some of you read this and agree with me, and I hope for good things for Harry, Liam, Niall and Louis in the future.

Styled Girl xx

High School Musical Reunion

As most of you know High School Musical had a 10 year reunion. Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Lucas Grabeel and Monique Coleman were all there to talk about their experience and what they had been doing in the 10 years.

 Unfortunately Zac Efron wasn’t there and fans on Instagram and Twitter are getting quite mad. “Once a wildcat, always a wildcat” and “What about trust” were commented on his accounts as HSM references. Although Zac wasn’t able to make the rest of the cast still had fun and all their fans were very appreciative. Personally HSM was a big part of my childhood so I really enjoyed watching the reunion and it was so amazing. Hopefully more old Disney movies and tv shows will do the same!

Styled Girl xx

The Internet Has Taken Over!

It is no surprise that technology has taken over the world. Every person you talk to in school or at work would have a phone or iPad or computer that they own. The company Apple is so popular that they are valued at $733 billion. That’s more money than the gross national product of Switzerland or the entire Spanish stock market. The internet is so big that being a youtuber, viner or any internet personalities are full time jobs. These people have millions of followers on social media and are sponsored to show products or do things for a company.

Phones are so important these days as people use them for business calls, emails, setting reminders and just connecting with people around the world. I use my phone to remind myself about events or things I need to do and it works! Even though being on your phone can be a good thing sometimes it’s not. People are so into how many likes they have gotten or beating their record on a game, that they don’t socialise and look up from their screens. They miss big things in life just because they got a comment on their Instagram post. It has gotten to a point that instead of playing with toys kids are happy just playing games on their parents phones.

So technology has taken over the world but we shouldn’t take everything else for granted. It is only when you look up from your screen that you see what is really going on in life. Like when people go to a concert they are to busy recording the performance then to actually enjoy what they payed money for. So I dare you, for they next hour do not go on your phones, iPads, laptops or computers and talk so someone about absolutely anything without checking your phone.

Styled Girl xx (and sorry this kind of went into a rant haha)

Friends Reunion

If you have not watched friends first of all how dare you, and second of all it was a very popular tv show that finished in 2004. In 2016 it has been announced that there will be a friends reunion and the internet is blowing up about it. Unfortunately it has been said that Matthew Perry the actor that played Chandler will not be appearing in it but we can still hope! So I am really excited and so is the rest of the world for this amazing event that will take place this year.

Styled Girl xx


Honestly snapchat would have to be my absolute favourite social media platform. It is so fun and your photos are not not there to stay forever. It’s just like a daily update to send to anyone or for everyone to see. No one can comment on your photos, and nothing is public if you don’t want it to be. 

So many celebrities have snapchat and they post on their stories for their fellow snapchat lovers to see. It is like exclusives only for people that have snapchat to experience. I find it different to any other social media app because you can’t receive hate for everyone to see. So until next time my fellow snapchatters!

Styled Girl xx