Online Stores

Hey guys, let’s talk about online stores for a moment. I feel that depending on the type of things you’re shopping for, it can either be a hit or miss. It can also depend on where you’re buying your item from and you never know if it’s a trustworthy website or not. Personally, whenever I shop online it’s mainly for clothes and beauty products.

Some good places to buy clothes from are Missguided, Boohoo and places that have stores in shopping centres such as the Cotton On branches, Sportsgirl and Forever New. If you guys would like me to do a more in-depth post about one of these stores leave a comment below and I’ll for sure tell you guys more about it. I definitely do not like online shopping for shoes or any type of technology items because the shoes may not be the right size and you can’t take them for alterations and you can have so many difficulties with technology.

I love online shopping but I also know the risks of doing so. You can either be delivered the wrong item, a damaged item, something not living up to their expectations or they can even scam you and take your money with nothing in return. If you like online shopping I recommend to just browse at what they have online and get inspiration and then go to the shops so you know exactly what you want without the risks of online shopping. Hopefully, this helped you with if you’re considering buying something online and definitely check with friends/family about their experiences with online shopping.

Styled Girl xx



Gloss is an Australian cosmetic store that sells makeup, beauty products and much more. It is like a drugstore but only for makeup, nail polish, beauty tools and accessories. They sell brands such as Revlon, Covergirl, BYS, My Accessory, Be Yourself, OG, BK Cosmetics, O.P.I, Rimmel London, Sally Hansen, Active Cosmetics, Exhibit and Maybelline New York. Some of these brands you might recognise but there are some brands that are new to me and I have grown to love because Gloss supplies their products. They are kind of like advertising different brands and then more people will know about them. I love going into Gloss because you can still buy things even if you don’t have much money because there are like $2 and $5 things. I hope that Gloss will let more brands into their business and that they keep their prices low because you can’t get cheap makeup in most places anymore.

Styled Girl xx


Sportgirl is an Australian women’s clothes brand and is owned and operated by the Sussan Retail Group. The first store was opened as a younger, more fun alternative to the more conservative sister label Sportscraft. Sportsgirl also sells shoes, jewellery, accessories. makeup and a bunch more. Their clothes are a bit pricey but they have something for everybody. 

Sportsgirl is one of those shops that you can walk into and never get bored. They have one main table wear all the makeup and beauty products are and every now and then they have new things that you have never seen before. It just draws attention to it because of all the colours and variety of things to choose from. I can go to this store if I’m bored and I can just look around. Sportsgirl is very popular brand here in Australia and I love how you can look at everything inside.

Styled Girl xx

The Body Shop

This is a new series called Super Stores. It is where I talk about popular stores around the world or my personal favourite stores here in Australia. The first one I’m going to talk about is The Body Shop.

The Body Shop is a British cosmetics and skin care company owned by L’Oreal. It sells a variety of different things such as creams, shower gels, soaps, scrubs and much more. They have recently started selling makeup in Australia. It is a bit on the pricey side but it is definitely worth it. I love how they have many different scents and they are suited for everybody. I also like how they come out with limited edition holiday scents as it makes the shop more successful and people want to buy things that are only out once a year. The Body Shop is definitely one of my favourite skin and body shops I hope they continue making amazing products!


Styled Girl xx