Subject Choices

Currently, I’m in the tenth grade and I’ll be going into year 11 next year. This means that I get to choose what subjects I want to study and do in the HSC. It is a really important decision that I have spent a long time thinking about and I have finally chosen what I want to do. So Religion and English were compulsory so I’m doing Studies of Religion Unit 1 and Advanced English. My other subjects are Advanced Maths, Design and Technology, Business Studies, Chemistry and Italian. I definitely wanted to do a good mix of subjects so that I have a wider understanding of what I want to do in university.

As of right now, I am very interested in Event Management and Interior design and styling. This is why I want to focus on Design and Technology to learn more about my creativity, and on Mathematics to learn more about to financial aspect of it. If any of you guys are thinking of what subjects to choose definitely do things that you love, so you are more encouraged to do well in them. There’s no point in studying something that you don’t like because it is a very stressful time and you don’t need the added pressure.

I hope you guys feel comfortable in what subjects you are choosing and I hope you got what you wanted in your Semester 1 report!

Styled Girl xx


One year break?!


Long time, no talk! So obviously I haven’t done a blog post in sooo long and that’s because I have been so busy with school and life in general. The last time I posted was April of 2016 and it’s now June of 2017. Honestly time has flown by so quickly! I just finished with my half-yearly exams and I’m ready to get back out there and start posting heaps of things on my blog.

I also have another blog with my sister Emily and it’s called “Balancing A Billion.” That blog is more about how to deal with school, work and life all together and how we cope with stress. I’m of course going to keep posting on my main blog because it’s more of a way for me to relax and talk about fun things I like!

So I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for so long but I hope that you guys will continue to read my posts and engage with me through the comments section so that we can have a little chat. I’ll talk to you soon!

Styled Girl xx

Going back to school

So my school starts term 2 on Wednesday the 27th of April and I am not looking forward to it. I would have to catch up on so much work because I took 3 weeks off and I’m just dreading it aha. Also I’m going to have to wake up early everyday so that also means I have to go to bed earlier. Anyway I just wanted to let you guys know that because I might be busy and not be able to do as many blog posts as usual. But as a little sneak peak my next blog post will be kind of a haul/impression of a store that I bought a lot of things from in London. So stay tuned for that and I hope you guys the best for going back to school and I’ll talk to you soon.

Styled Girl xx

Leaving London

Hey guys today is the day where I make my long trip back to Sydney. I have had an amazing 3 weeks here even though I got sick for a bit, it has been so much fun. One of the best things I have done was the ghost walk. It is where you go on this walk with some other people and someone tells you stories. The historians name was Patsy and she shared some scary stories about people seeing ghosts and who they could of been.

I will be sharing more of the things that I bought and did in London but it will probably after all my jetlag is gone!

Styled Girl xx


Hey guys I wanted to say sorry for not posting lately. Ever since I arrived I have gotten a cold, middle ear infection and I vomited multiple times. It was so annoying because for the whole term I was fine and then I just suddenly get sick. Anyway since I have been here I wanted to talk about some of the places I’ve been to.

I went to the National Theatre and I saw It was a modern twist on Alice In Wonderland and it was very interesting. We walked around London and went to the markets. I also went to UxBridge which is a shopping centre with a  lot of shopping brands that I had never seen before.

Anyway I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting and I will definitely try and make it up to you’s!

Styled Girl xx

Landed in London

Hey guys so I landed in London at about 7:00 in the morning on the 23rd of March and right now I am typing this around 2:50pm. I would have typed this earlier but I had some wifi troubles. Basically my phone could connect to the wifi perfectly fine but my laptop couldn’t. So it took me a while to figure that out but I finally have wifi and I am sooo happy. Since I got here I have just been relaxing and trying to finish off my English assignment so that it is out of the way. I do feel a bit sickish but it is only sniffles. So I’ll talk to you guys later! btw I bought Tim Tams for everyone here and they are going to try them for the first time ever tomorrow and I’m super excited to see their reaction.

Styled Girl xx


Hey guys so as I am writing this I am sitting in the unaccompanied minor section in Dubai airport. I am about to board the second flight that takes me to London so I am typing this really fast. The flight from Sydney to Dubai went really well. There was very little turbulence and no one was sitting next to me. This was the sector where I had to stay awake and the one that I’m about to bored is the one I have to sleep on. It is currently 2:00am in Dubai and when I land in London it will be 6:55am. So I’ll talk to you guys later when I reach in London and settle in.

Styled Girl xx

Travelling Today!

Hey guys today is the day when I go to London! It is going to be my first time on a plane by myself and I am nervous but really excited. I will keep you guys updated with what I am going to be doing in England and my experiences with everything. I just wanted to post to tell you guys this so I hope you guys have a good day and wish me luck!

Styled Girl xx

Annoyed and Happy at the Same Time!

GUYS I’M EXTREMELY HAPPY AND ANNOYED AT THE SAME TIME! For different reasons of course. So let me explain myself before anyone starts jumping to conclusions.

So the reason that I am annoyed is because I don’t get to choose my seat on the plain to and from London. I am an unaccompanied minor and they get allocated seats to be near the staff so that they can check on you throughout the flight. The only good thing about this is that they can try and get me an aisle seat when I check in.

Now the reason why I am super happy is because I finished all my assessment for this term! This week I have been so stressed because we had multiple assessments due and ones we had to do in-class. The only thing left I have is a maths in-class assessment on Friday but I am not fussed about that.

So that is why I am annoyed and happy and I just wanted to tell you guys so that you can relate mainly to the school one haha. I hope you guys have an amazing day or had an amazing day depending on what the time is where you live and I’ll talk to you very soon!

Styled Girl xx

Travelling Alone

First of all I would like to say sorry that I haven’t posted in a like a month. I have been sooo busy with assignments and school but the good news is that they are almost over! I’m making this post because on the 22nd of March I will be travelling alone from Sydney, Australia all the way too London. This is going to be my first time alone on a plane and I am both excited and nervous. I will be an unaccompanied minor and that means that a flight attendant will be with me through security, immigration etc. 

I am young so my advice for anyone who is travelling alone is just go for it. If you are younger I definitely recommend the unaccompanied minor option as you will know where to go and what to do. I am leaving for 3 weeks and when I come back I will 2 weeks of school holidays so I will be writing heaps of blog posts to keeps you guys updated. I am really excited to share my experiences with you and I will be taking and posting heaps of photos as well. I will most likely do another blog post before I leave but if I don’t I hope you guys have a wonderful Easter and I will talk to you soon.

Styled Girl xx