Subject Choices

Currently, I’m in the tenth grade and I’ll be going into year 11 next year. This means that I get to choose what subjects I want to study and do in the HSC. It is a really important decision that I have spent a long time thinking about and I have finally chosen what I want to do. So Religion and English were compulsory so I’m doing Studies of Religion Unit 1 and Advanced English. My other subjects are Advanced Maths, Design and Technology, Business Studies, Chemistry and Italian. I definitely wanted to do a good mix of subjects so that I have a wider understanding of what I want to do in university.

As of right now, I am very interested in Event Management and Interior design and styling. This is why I want to focus on Design and Technology to learn more about my creativity, and on Mathematics to learn more about to financial aspect of it. If any of you guys are thinking of what subjects to choose definitely do things that you love, so you are more encouraged to do well in them. There’s no point in studying something that you don’t like because it is a very stressful time and you don’t need the added pressure.

I hope you guys feel comfortable in what subjects you are choosing and I hope you got what you wanted in your Semester 1 report!

Styled Girl xx


One thought on “Subject Choices

  1. Karen Stevenson says:

    Very well thought of and written, Styled Girl – I can see why you’d choose Advanced English. Great choice and variety of subjects – you’ve obviously put some thought into it. All the best with senior school!


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