Annoyed and Happy at the Same Time!

GUYS I’M EXTREMELY HAPPY AND ANNOYED AT THE SAME TIME! For different reasons of course. So let me explain myself before anyone starts jumping to conclusions.

So the reason that I am annoyed is because I don’t get to choose my seat on the plain to and from London. I am an unaccompanied minor and they get allocated seats to be near the staff so that they can check on you throughout the flight. The only good thing about this is that they can try and get me an aisle seat when I check in.

Now the reason why I am super happy is because I finished all my assessment for this term! This week I have been so stressed because we had multiple assessments due and ones we had to do in-class. The only thing left I have is a maths in-class assessment on Friday but I am not fussed about that.

So that is why I am annoyed and happy and I just wanted to tell you guys so that you can relate mainly to the school one haha. I hope you guys have an amazing day or had an amazing day depending on what the time is where you live and I’ll talk to you very soon!

Styled Girl xx


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