Matching Seperates

Matching Separates are probably my favourite clothing trend right now. It is when you have a top and shorts or top and skirt and they have the same pattern on them. I looks like a dress or a playsuit but they are two different pieces of clothing. I love how you can wear both together or you can mix and match with any other clothes you have. There are so many different designs that you can get and they are all over the internet. You can get a plain solid colour, a floral design, stripes or anything that you can possibly find. They are such a good clothing option for summer for like a picnic or barbecue because the ones with shorts are very comfortable.

Overall I love separates and I think they look so flattering. They are vey girly and sweet if you are going out for the day. You can also get more formal ones that come with the skirts that go just below your knees. They look so nice and people will compliment your outfit because it looks good and it is different. So I hope that you enjoyed reading about matching separates and hopefully it will give you some ideas for what to wear to future events. I’ll have some photos below as example of some of the things I was talking about.

Styled Girl xx


5 thoughts on “Matching Seperates

    • StyledGirl says:

      My best advice about this is to just look up the kind of styles you like whether it is casual or more dressy. Also consider the weather in your area and look up outfits for winter or outfits for summer on YouTube as you get to know more about what to where and you have multiple choices. If you want me to write something more specific about fashion just let me know and I’ll do a blog post about it!

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