iPhone 6s

Currently I have an iPhone 6s in Rose Gold. I put a rose gold glitter decal on it and a clear case so that it looks interesting but it isn’t too much. Before this I had a white iPhone 5 and my new phone is way better. First of all the camera quality is amazing and they have improved the front-facing camera quality as well. A new feature that they added is 3D touch. This is when you press down hard on an app it gives you options to go to straight from the home screen. For example if I 3D touch Instagram it gives me the option for New Post, View Activity, Search and Direct. Another new feature is Live photo, which is a setting in your camera. If you turn this on and take a picture it shows you before and after the photo using 3D touch. 

If you need to get a new phone or your contract is over I recommend getting this phone. It is great if you need it just for casual things and not for business reasons. I also like the rose gold colour or if you don’t want something too girly I recommend the space grey colour. It is an amazing phone with cool features and you would definitely be spending a lot of time on it.


Styled Girl xx


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