Working Out

So staring this year I wanted to work out more. Not to loose weight but just to get fit and build muscle. The way I did that was I got a few work out app on my phone. The first two apps count the number of steps you have taken, and that third one is you follow the work out on your phone for however long you want.


Stepz is the first one that I got and it tells you how many steps you have taken that day. It also tells you the distance and calories. I like Stepz because it is very easy and clear to use and you don’t need internet for it. You can make a goal for how many steps you want to achieve and that keeps you motivated to keep walking. There are also charts of the amount of steps you have done each day for the week, and what you have done each hour for the day.


Pacer is also a step counting app but I use this to connect with friends. Stepz only allows you to connect with people that have the iPhone 5s or higher so I don’t use that. You can see how many steps your friends have taken for the day and you can try to beat them. The only problem is that you can only see their steps once they have refreshed it and you need internet to see their steps.


The last app is Sworkit. This is an amazing app that lets you choose the type of work out that you want to do. You can choose the moves and how long you want to do it for. I made a daily workout that has things like sit-ups and push-ups and I do that for 10 minutes. I also made one for yoga and stretching and I do that for 5 minutes after.

All these apps are great and they keep you motivated for you to work out. They also send reminders on your phone so that you don’t forget. I definitely recommend getting these apps if you want to loose weight, get fit, build muscle or just work out and be healthier. These are my opinions on these apps so if I like it doesn’t mean you will too, it’s just my input on what I think of them. 

Styled Girl xx


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