How To Style Summer Fashion

So in Australia it is currently summer and it goes as high as 40 degrees. Most people these days just wear shorts and a top but there are different ways to style them. During the nights you can throw on a long cardigan and some boots if you are going out and in case it gets cooler during the night. You could also use metallic flash tattoos as they are very big and you are wearing short sleeves. A big floppy hat would be nice if you are going to the beach because it is both fashionable and practical. 

Jewellery is also another great way to spice up your outfit during summer. Just add a big necklace or a few bracelets and rings and it makes it look a bit more fancier during the day. I am also into patterned and coloured shorts with a plain black or white top so I definitely recommend that you check them out online. Most people would think that you could only wear shorts and a top the way everyone else does, but you can add so much more to make it look like an entirely different outfit! So I hope that these tips helped and that you can style your outfit to your preference.

Styled Girl xx


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