The Internet Has Taken Over!

It is no surprise that technology has taken over the world. Every person you talk to in school or at work would have a phone or iPad or computer that they own. The company Apple is so popular that they are valued at $733 billion. That’s more money than the gross national product of Switzerland or the entire Spanish stock market. The internet is so big that being a youtuber, viner or any internet personalities are full time jobs. These people have millions of followers on social media and are sponsored to show products or do things for a company.

Phones are so important these days as people use them for business calls, emails, setting reminders and just connecting with people around the world. I use my phone to remind myself about events or things I need to do and it works! Even though being on your phone can be a good thing sometimes it’s not. People are so into how many likes they have gotten or beating their record on a game, that they don’t socialise and look up from their screens. They miss big things in life just because they got a comment on their Instagram post. It has gotten to a point that instead of playing with toys kids are happy just playing games on their parents phones.

So technology has taken over the world but we shouldn’t take everything else for granted. It is only when you look up from your screen that you see what is really going on in life. Like when people go to a concert they are to busy recording the performance then to actually enjoy what they payed money for. So I dare you, for they next hour do not go on your phones, iPads, laptops or computers and talk so someone about absolutely anything without checking your phone.

Styled Girl xx (and sorry this kind of went into a rant haha)


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