I first want to say that ‘Fashion Trends’ is a new series that I started where I talk about the biggest trends at the moment. Fashion Trends will be a category so you can go to that and see all of the Fashion Trends that I have done. My first Fashion Trend is Lampshading. 

Lampshading was a big fashion trend in 2015 and it continues to be in 2016. It is where you wear an oversized t-shirt that covers up your shorts. It looks so casual and is so easy to do. The Kardashians and Jenners are big supporters of this trend as they wear it casually during the day. People like Kate Moss and Zendaya have taken this trend to a whole new level be wearing an oversized sweater to go out and for a fancier event. I support this trend but I wouldn’t wear it out. It looks nice as sleepwear and it is so comfortable, especially in the summer. So I hope now you know what Lampshading is and that you have a new trend to follow! I will have some examples of this trend below!


Styled Girl xx


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