Makeup has changed how I look and my personality. I really enjoy using makeup and using different products and different brands, there’s just something about it that makes it exciting. When you get home and look at all the new makeup you bought and read literally everything about where you use it, what you use it for, when you use it and how to use it. Just the fact of knowing you have more makeup and getting to choose from a variety of different colours or brands makes you excited for applying all your makeup – which doesn’t happen very often!

My favourite drugstore brand would have to be Maybelline. It just has a variety of different products and the quality of them are really good. It is a bit on the pricey side for drugstore makeup but it is totally worth it! My favourite expensive brand would be Benefit. First of all I love how their packaging looks on their products and I find that they come out with products that you won’t normally buy. For example I wouldn’t ever think to buy oil blotting products or liquid highlighters, but they are so useful and easy to use. I definitely recommend checking them out as they also have skincare and body products if your not that into makeup.

Overall, makeup has definitely made my life more exciting to find new products experiment with different eyeshadow looks. I hope that you guys experienced the same thing with makeup as I did and had a positive reaction. If you are happy with barely anything on your face, props to you for not getting all dolled up to go somewhere and being comfortable in your own skin. I only like makeup because I like using it and buying it!

Styled Girl xx


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